Hire a Virtual Medical Billing Assistant

If you work in the healthcare industry, you know how difficult it is to hire and train a qualified medical billing assistant.

We solve this problem every day for a variety of businesses by offering them virtual assistant medical billing, which cuts down on operational costs, and offers unique advantages over regular in-house workers.

If you would like to reduce your operating costs, make your business easily scalable, and get access to some of the best work talent on the market, we invite you to keep reading and find out how Stellar Staff can elevate your business to a new level.

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Virtual Medical Billing Assistant Services That We Offer

Below are our most sought-after virtual assistant medical billing services. By outsourcing your medical billing needs to us, you can focus on delivering top quality patient care, and we will take care of administrative tasks.

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Service Type

Task Description

Patient Registration and Data Entry

We ensure accurate and efficient management of healthcare information. From collecting patient information, to accurately handling electronic health records and financial data.

Insurance Verification Services

Our assistants provide up-to-date insurance verification services that account for patients' eligibility, insurance coverage, and benefits. We minimize claim denials by confirming key details such as co-pays, deductibles, and authorization requirements.Coordinating guest arrivals and departures

Coding Updates and Compliance

It’s important for us to be current with coding updates to ensure accurate assignment of procedures and diagnoses. We maintain strict adherence to regulations such as HIPAA, protecting patient privacy, and upholding ethical billing practices, so you can know your medical billing data is in safe hands. Creating and updating property listings

Transaction Posting and Reconciliation

The accuracy and integrity of your financial reports are our top priority. We carefully record and reconcile transactions, including payments, adjustments, and refunds, to maintain a clear and organized financial report.

Payment Plan Management

We know how important stable patient relationships are. Our assistants will set up or oversee payment plans, coordinate with patients to establish manageable schedules for timely payments, and send payment reminders.

Customer Support for Billing Inquiries

Medical billing assistants provide information to patients, insurance companies, and healthcare providers regarding any billing-related questions and concerns. They can explain insurance coverage and benefits, resolve billing errors or discrepancies, arrange payments, and address other questions.

Training and Support for Medical Staff

If you hold training sessions or workshops for medical staff, virtual assistants can help you achieve training goals. By leveraging their experience, they will help your medical staff contribute to efficient and compliant billing practices.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

If you need to compile, analyze, and interpret financial data and performance, our virtual assistant medical billing services can take over. Assistants can provide reports on any metrics such as revenue, expenses, accounts receivable, collections, and more.

Credentialing Services

We will help you meet the standards required by insurance companies, government agencies, and healthcare facilities. From verifying education, training, licensure, certifications, and other credentials, to conducting background checks and reviewing professional references. Your billing assistant can also complete and submit credentialing applications, track credentialing status, and manage re-credentialing and renewal processes.

Traditional Hiring:

Higher labor costs

Need to be managed and trained

High taxes and insurance costs

Hard to find good talent

Stellar Staff:

Only $8.49/hr

Get a manager with every hire

Flat cost via credit card

We find top talent for you

Work Only With the Best Talent Billing Assistants

The services we listed are just the tip of the iceberg. We have a strict 10-step vetting process in place to ensure our assistants are the best on the work market. This is what makes our assistants a class above others.

They are accurate, organized, and trained to prevent errors, denied claims, or any financial repercussions. They stay up to date with any regulations and billing guidelines, including coding standards and fraud prevention measures. They handle regulations such as HIPAA, safeguard patient confidentiality, and prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of protected health information.

Interview only the top candidates
No long-term obligations or monthly commitments

Full-time Staff

Starting at:

A dedicated employee working 40 hours a week.

No monthly contracts

Billed bi-weekly

Part-time Staff

Starting at:

Part-time employee working 20 hours a week.

Billed bi-weekly

No monthly contracts

Always interview candidates before hiring.

We will never match you with someone random! Interview top candidates that we provide based on your job description.

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Why Should You Hire a Billing Virtual Assistant?

  • Virtual medical billing assistants reduce operating costs.
  • They work remotely and don’t require equipment or office space.
  • The best talent is sourced for you with your 10 step vetting process.
  • They are always up-to-date with industry practices.
  • The scheduling is flexible, be it full-time, part-time, or custom.
  • There are no long term obligations.
  • It’s much easier to scale your business with virtual assistants.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Medical Billing Virtual Assistant?

A professional who specializes in handling medical billing tasks remotely.

What Services Can a Virtual Medical Billing Assistant Offer?

Coding procedures, submitting insurance claims, handling patient billing, managing payment posting and reconciliation, and ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements (such as HIPAA). They may also assist with insurance verification, credentialing, financial reporting, and more.

What Do Billing Assistants Charge per Hour?

Our medical billing virtual assistants start at $8.49 an hour. To get the exact price for your business needs, book a consultation call with one of our account strategists here

How Do I Hire a Medical Billing Assistant?

Interested in working with Stellar Staff and our assistants? Just fill out this form and we will reach out to you to schedule a free introductory call.