Empowering Growth in Dual Ventures with a Multitasking VA

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

As the sole employee of both her music business and coaching startup, LaTisha was utterly overwhelmed. Juggling social media, marketing, graphic design, and admin across two different industries felt impossible alone.

As LaTisha described: “I’m trying to handle so much myself across two very different businesses. I need help or things will start slipping through the cracks.”

The Goal

LaTisha wanted to bring on VAs to take over responsibilities in both businesses, allowing her to focus on growth and strategy.

In her words: “Having capable assistants manage the day-to-day tasks would be a lifesaver. I could finally give each business the attention it deserves.”

Addressing Concerns

LaTisha needed meticulous, discreet VAs who could handle sensitive info across industries.

As she emphasized: “These VAs will see confidential data for both my music and coaching clients. Professionalism and discretion are critical.”

We described our strict protocols and training on handling sensitive data with care. This gave LaTisha confidence in our capabilities.

The Solution

We matched LaTisha with Emma, one of our most versatile and organized VAs. Emma quickly got up to speed on LaTisha’s distinct processes.

As LaTisha remarked: “Emma has blown me away with how smoothly she handles responsibilities across my two very different businesses.”

Emma efficiently managed social media, designed graphics, wrote emails, and handled admin tasks – helping scale both startups.


Within 4 months, LaTisha doubled her coaching clients and launched a new album with Emma’s help.

She raved: “I can’t keep up with everything we’re accomplishing now with Emma on board. She’s been instrumental in enabling the growth of both my businesses!”


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