Optimizing SpeechCloud with a Virtual Assistant

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

Richard Hopper worked for SpeechCloud, targeting professors with a lead list of 77,000 contacts. He was overwhelmed trying to connect with this massive backlog alone. Richard needed someone who could diligently follow up and nurture these leads.

But with a limited startup budget of $300 per month, finding the right virtual assistant would be make-or-break. As Richard put it: “I’m just trying to quickly get someone to take this off my plate before budgets dry up.”

The Goal

Richard wanted help clearing his enormous lead backlog so he could focus on more high-value work. With the right VA managing outreach, he could devote time to closing deals as they developed.

Addressing Concerns

Richard worried about wasting time training the wrong candidates as a startup without extensive testing resources.

We emphasized taking the time upfront to find someone experienced in lead generation. Consistency and fit were critical, and it could take months to optimize the outreach process.

The Solution

After an extensive search, we provided Richard with Joan, an experienced VA skilled at systematically nurturing leads. Although knowledgeable, we still had Joan shadow Richard for a few days to understand his specific processes and offerings.

Joan diligently followed his outreach sequence – requesting LinkedIn connections, sending follow-up messages, and scheduling calls. Richard provided feedback to refine her approach over the first few weeks.

The Results

Within 3 months, Joan had consistently connected with over 15,000 of Richard’s leads. She continues efficiently clearing his backlog, saving him dozens of hours per week.

As Richard enthused: “I can’t keep up with the leads and appointments Joan is generating. Finding her has been a total game changer for my productivity and peace of mind!”


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