Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant

Feeling buried in tasks? Hire a dedicated Virtual Personal Assistant (VA) to handle your daily grind. Focus on growing your business, not managing it. Schedule a call and let Stellar Staff elevate your productivity!

Start at just $8.49/hr.

Hire staff with experience from:

Virtual Personal Assistant Services we can handle:

Experience the power of a personal virtual assistant tailored just for you. We bring efficiency and a personal touch to every task, making your life simpler.

Travel Planning

Personal Assistance

Record Keeping

Traditional Hiring:

Higher labor costs

Need to be managed and trained

High taxes and insurance costs

Hard to find good talent

Stellar Staff:

Only $8.49/hr

Get a manager with every hire

Flat cost via credit card

We find top talent for you

Work only with the Best Talent

Our strict 10-step vetting process guarantees you only interview candidates with the right skills and experience for your business.

Interview only the top candidates
No long-term obligations or monthly commitments

Full-time Staff

Starting at:

A dedicated employee working 40 hours a week.

No monthly contracts

Billed bi-weekly

Part-time Staff

Starting at:

Part-time employee working 20 hours a week.

Billed bi-weekly

No monthly contracts

Always interview candidates before hiring.

We will never match you with someone random! Interview top candidates that we provide based on your job description.

Success Stories in Personal Assistance

Proven Remote Staff for your Personal Needs

70% More Time for Family and Self-Care

90% Improvement in Work-Life Balance

95% Less Missed Appointments and Deadlines

55% Improvement in Daily Efficiency

40% Quicker Turnaround on Personal Duties

80% Increased Efficiency in Record-Keeping


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Personal Virtual Assistant?

A Personal Tasks Virtual Assistant is a remote professional who assists with various personal duties. This can include managing schedules, making travel arrangements, handling personal emails, organizing events, and other day-to-day personal tasks.

When should I hire a virtual personal assistant?

When overwhelmed with tasks, in need of time efficiency, or seeking support in managing administrative duties, consider hiring a virtual personal assistant. Virtual assistants streamline your workload, allowing you to focus on core priorities.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant is expected to efficiently manage tasks, schedule appointments, provide timely information, and execute commands. They must exhibit strong organizational skills, accuracy, and adaptability to meet user needs effectively.

Can I hire a Virtual Assistant for specific personal tasks?

Absolutely! You can hire a Best Virtual Personal Assistant for specific tasks such as travel planning, calendar management, or personal shopping, depending on your needs.

How do I start working with a Personal Virtual Assistant?

Getting started is easy! Contact us to schedule a consultation, discuss your needs, and we’ll match you with a Virtual Assistant that fits your business objectives.

What is the appropriate fee for a Virtual Personal Assistant?

Pricing varies based on features, services, and provider. On average, customers can expect to pay from $8.49 per hour. It is important to consider your specific needs and budget when making a decision.