How a Virtual Assistant Transformed Jasmine Williams’ Real Estate Business

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem:

Jasmine Williams was struggling to juggle the many hats she wore as owner and sole employee of her growing real estate company at Xcellence Realty. Handling all office management, HR, social media, and vendor coordination solo was becoming unmanageable and preventing her business from reaching its potential.

The Goal:

Seeking expert admin support so she could focus on core real estate agent duties and accelerate growth. The right VA would need to seamlessly handle HR, social media, and real estate-specific tasks while providing guidance on additional help needed as the business evolved.

Our Solution: We conducted an extensive search to find the perfect match for Jasmine’s needs. We provided her with Joan, a virtual assistant with over 5 years of experience supporting real estate professionals. Joan quickly demonstrated she had precisely the skills needed to take over critical business functions at

Joan immigrated to the US from the Philippines over a decade ago and worked hard to become fluent in English. Her real estate knowledge and stellar communication abilities made working with Jasmine incredibly smooth. Joan took the reins managing Jasmine’s complex calendar across time zones, booking travel for conferences, creating HR policies and job postings as the company grew, handling social media marketing campaigns, and coordinating with the array of vendors and partners in real estate.

Joan’s expertise allowed her to identify additional areas where support was needed as expanded. She provided guidance on bringing on dedicated marketing and transaction coordinators down the road. Joan proved to be a true partner, enhancing Jasmine’s ability to grow her business.

The Results

With Joan managing critical business functions, Jasmine was able to double the number of real estate transactions closed each month, increasing revenue by 40% within 6 months. Jasmine could devote her energy entirely to sales and networking, spending 80% less time on administrative work.

In Jasmine’s words: “I don’t know how I functioned before having Joan’s incredible support. She has allowed my business to scale smoothly and quickly. I can now focus on what I do best – real estate wheeling and dealing! Finding the right VA took some trial and error, but this team delivered big time. Couldn’t recommend them more.”

Nine months later, with Joan’s assistance, Jasmine has grown her team to include two additional real estate agents and an office manager. 2023 is shaping up to be’s best year yet.

The Challenge with Real Estate Management: 

Jasmine Williams, a dedicated real estate agent at under Xcellence Realty, faced the common challenges of solo entrepreneurs. As the sole force behind her real estate company, she grappled with wearing multiple hats, from office management and HR to social media and vendor coordination. The increasing demands were stunting her business’s growth potential.


Streamlined Virtual Support for Real Estate Tasks: 

Jasmine’s primary goal was to find professional virtual assistant services that could cater to her unique needs as a real estate professional. She sought a virtual assistant for realtors who could adeptly manage HR, social media, and other real estate-specific tasks. Moreover, as her business evolved, she wanted guidance on the additional support required.

Our Tailored Solution: 

Introducing Joan, The Real Estate Virtual Assistant: 

Understanding Jasmine’s needs, we embarked on a meticulous search, leading us to Joan – a virtual assistant with over 5 years of experience supporting real estate professionals. Joan, an immigrant from the Philippines, had honed her English fluency and acquired extensive real estate knowledge. Her prowess in managing complex calendars, social media marketing campaigns, and vendor coordination made her an invaluable asset to Recognizing the evolving needs of the business, Joan also suggested integrating dedicated marketing and transaction coordinators in the future.

Tangible Outcomes:

Boosted Real Estate Transactions and Revenue: 

With Joan’s virtual assistant support, Jasmine witnessed a remarkable transformation in her business operations. She doubled her monthly real estate transactions, leading to a 40% revenue spike within just six months. Freed from administrative burdens, Jasmine could channel 80% of her time into sales and networking.

Client Testimonial – Jasmine’s Experience:

 “I never realized the impact of having a professional virtual assistant until Joan came on board. Her expertise has been pivotal in scaling my business. With the virtual support services from this team, I’ve been able to focus on my core – real estate wheeling and dealing. The journey to find the right VA had its challenges, but the results have been phenomenal. I wholeheartedly endorse their services.”

The Future Outlook: 

Expanding the Real Estate Team: 

Nine months into our collaboration, Jasmine’s team at has expanded, welcoming two more real estate agents and an office manager. With Joan’s unwavering support, 2023 is poised to be a landmark year for Jasmine’s business.

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