How eCommerce Virtual Assistant Boosted Sales with Targeted Marketing Outreach

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

Senay was overwhelmed trying to single-handedly run every aspect of her ecommerce business. From managing inventory to fulfillment to marketing, she was doing it all alone.

As Senay described: “I feel like a one man band! I need help specifically with ramping up my marketing efforts and increasing website traffic and sales.”

The Goal

Senay wanted to find an affordable solution to boost her website visibility and sales without breaking the bank on expensive ads.

In Senay’s words: “I’d love to get assistance executing marketing campaigns and outreach strategies to attract more of my ideal customers.”

Addressing Concerns

Senay was wary of the huge budgets usually required for comprehensive digital marketing and advertising.

We proposed a more targeted approach focused on personalized outreach to potential customers. This direct outreach could demonstrate results before investing heavily in broad ads.

The Solution

We suggested Senay pilot a dedicated Virtual Assistant focused solely on customized outreach campaigns. With no upfront costs, she could test the VA’s skills before fully committing long-term.

Senay chose Sarah, one of our most experienced ecommerce VAs. As Senay explained: “Sarah really impressed me with her case studies and knowledge of my type of business.”

Sarah created tailored outreach focused on Senay’s ideal target customers. She helped refine Senay’s messaging and brand voice across channels.

The Results

Within 2 months, the dedicated outreach from Sarah increased Senay’s customer leads by 15%. As Senay raved: “The leads Sarah generates convert at more than double the rate of my general website traffic!”

With an affordable expert managing marketing outreach, Senay could devote her time to optimizing the customer experience. Revenue grew 25% in just a few months with Sarah’s help.


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