How Gail’s Journey with a Creative VA Boosted Her Business

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

As an artist and budding entrepreneur, Gail was utterly overwhelmed. Between creating new works, updating unused online shops, publishing an ebook, and improving social media, she had no time for critical tasks. As Gail described:

“I have so many half-finished projects just sitting there, but I can never find the time to complete them. I need help or I’ll never get caught up!

The Goal

Gail wanted to find an experienced Virtual Assistant to take over administrative and technical duties. As she put it: “I need someone skilled with design programs and social media so I can focus on my art and actually complete things!”

Addressing Concerns

Gail had struggled with language barriers and skill mismatches with freelancers before.

She asked: “How do you ensure the VA can fully understand my needs? I don’t want to waste more time explaining things.”

We described our rigorous interview process so she could select a VA fluent in English and proven expertise in required programs.

The Solution

After extensive interviews, Gail chose Lily, a creative VA fluent in English with 5+ years experience.

As Gail remarked: “Lily immediately impressed me with her communication abilities and portfolio of work. I feel very comfortable with her.”

Lily quickly updated Gail’s neglected Etsy shop into an attractive storefront. She also helped Gail finally complete her ebook by expertly formatting and publishing it online.

The Results

With Lily managing critical tasks, Gail gained 10+ hours a week to paint. As she raved: “I have so much free time now thanks to Lily’s help! It’s been life changing.”

Lily also doubled Gail’s Instagram following through social media efforts.Gail enthused: “I’m so glad I don’t have to struggle with freelancers anymore. Lily has been absolutely invaluable to my business and creativity.”


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