How Harold Enhanced His Business with a Virtual Assistant

by | Jan 20, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

Harold was utterly overwhelmed as the sole marketing person in his growing company. Between managing campaigns, the CRM, and social media, he had no time for strategic planning.

As Harold described: “I’m stalled at capacity and can’t grow our marketing efforts alone. I need help reaching new demographics before we plateau.”

The Goal

Harold wanted to hire a marketing-savvy VA to take over day-to-day activities like lead generation and email campaigns.

In Harold’s words:
“Having an expert handle routine marketing tasks would give me time to focus on high-level strategy and expansion into new markets.”

Addressing Concerns

With limited experience using virtual assistants, Harold worried about finding someone properly skilled in marketing.

We emphasized our specialized marketing training and vetting of digital marketing abilities. This gave Harold confidence we could provide an excellent fit.

The Solution

After interviews, Harold selected Mark, one of our most strategic marketing VAs.

As Harold remarked: “Mark really impressed me with his data-driven approach and creativity. I’m excited to have him on board.”

We trained Mark thoroughly on Harold’s specific systems and campaigns. Mark quickly took over CRM management, email campaigns, and expanding social media outreach with great skill.


Within 3 months, Mark had increased qualified leads 30% through expanded campaigns.

“Mark’s work has been invaluable. He’s allowed our marketing efforts to grow tremendously while freeing up my schedule,” Harold raved.


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