How Steven Catalano Found the VA for His Real Estate Empire

by | Jan 20, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

Steven Catalano was at his wits’ end trying to wrangle unproductive virtual assistants across his growing construction, property management, and real estate companies. Despite clear expectations, his previous VAs worked minimal hours, didn’t follow up diligently with customers, and required excessive oversight.

Steven recounts: “It was so frustrating. I’d check the call logs and see huge gaps in activity or find they only worked a couple hours each day. But they had no problem billing me for a full 8 hours!”

The Goal

Steven wanted to find a reliable VA who would proactively handle scheduling, customer follow-ups, bookkeeping, and collections without constant supervision. As he put it: “I need someone truly invested in seeing my businesses succeed, not just clocking hours.”

Addressing Concerns

Steven had understandable concerns after unpleasant experiences with other providers. He wondered if he could trust another VA to perform diligently.

We emphasized our rigorous vetting process and extensive training program. We guaranteed Steven would interview candidates and select the best fit before starting. We assured Steven his satisfaction was our top priority.

Steven said, “Knowing you guys will find me the right person and train them upfront makes me feel much better about trying a VA again.”

The Solution

Steven chose Alicia, one of our most dedicated VAs with 10+ years of administrative experience. We extensively trained Alicia on Steven’s processes before she started.

Steven raved, “Alicia immediately stood out for her incredible work ethic. I can tell she takes real pride in providing great service.”

Alicia proactively scheduled appointments, followed up with customers, maintained meticulous bookkeeping, and kept accounts receivable on track.

Steven raved: “Alicia is out there collecting money owed and booking appointments to fill next week’s schedule. My other VAs never took initiative like that!”

The Results

With Alicia’s diligent, self-directed efforts, Steven reduced administrative hours by 80% while increasing collections 20%. He could devote his time to high-level business strategy.

Steven enthused, “I can’t believe how much stress Alicia has lifted off my shoulders. It’s allowed me to focus on growth and get my personal life back!”

Six months later, Steven continues to rave about Alicia’s work. The trust they’ve built has been a game-changer.


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