Real Estate Success: Jesse Lena’s History with Virtual Assistants

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Success Stories

The Problem

Jesse Lena was burning the candle at both ends trying to single-handedly manage his growing real estate empire. From overseeing construction projects to negotiating deals to administrative tasks, Jesse wore every hat in the company. The huge workload was preventing his business from reaching its massive potential.

The Goal

Jesse knew he needed to bring in support to scale his company smoothly. He wanted to hand off outbound sales calls and digital marketing to experienced VAs. As Jesse put it: “I can only do so much on my own. To take things to the next level, I need a top-notch team handling sales and marketing so I can focus on high-level deal making.”

The Process

We had in-depth discussions with Jesse to fully grasp his company’s sales processes and marketing needs. Jesse noted, “You guys really took the time to understand exactly how my business runs before recommending solutions.” We provided samples of VAs seamlessly managing complex real estate sales calls and digital campaigns. This gave Jesse confidence we could deliver.

The Solution

We onboarded Joe, a sales VA with proven cold-calling results. Joe mastered Jesse’s sales scripts and objection handling through comprehensive pretraining. He seamlessly managed the high volume of calls and voicemails, qualifying leads with his friendly, consultative approach.

For digital marketing, we brought on Marie, a PPC and social media expert. Marie developed comprehensive keyword, demographic and lookalike audience targeting strategies. She created and optimized Google, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, retargeting ads, and YouTube videos tailored to Jesse’s business.

Jesse said, “The marketing materials Marie produces are incredible – really high quality stuff. And Joe’s closing ratio on calls is through the roof!”

The Results

With his all-star VA team in place, Jesse increased the number of property deals closed by 30% year-over-year. Marie’s cutting-edge digital campaigns tripled lead generation. Call backs and conversions rose significantly thanks to Joe’s personable, yet persistent outreach style.

Jesse could devote his time entirely to high-level negotiations, project management, and business development. He said, “I can’t believe how much my company has grown in just 6 months with Joe and Marie on board. I’m getting to focus on what I love – doing deals!”

The Real Estate Challenge: 

Jesse Lena, a passionate real estate entrepreneur, was overwhelmed with the multifaceted responsibilities of his burgeoning empire. From spearheading construction projects to real estate negotiations and administrative duties, Jesse was the linchpin holding everything together. This immense workload was a barrier to the exponential growth he envisioned.


Outsourcing Sales and Digital Marketing Tasks: 

Recognizing the limitations of a one-man show, Jesse aimed to delegate outbound sales calls and digital marketing to professional virtual assistants. As he aptly mentioned, “To truly scale, I need a proficient team focusing on sales and marketing, allowing me to concentrate on strategic real estate deal-making.”

Understanding the Real Estate Dynamics: 

Our collaboration began with in-depth dialogues to comprehend the intricacies of Jesse’s real estate sales processes and digital marketing strategies. Appreciating our meticulous approach, Jesse remarked, “The team’s dedication to understanding my business model was commendable.” We showcased our virtual assistants adeptly handling intricate real estate sales calls and digital campaigns, bolstering Jesse’s trust in our capabilities.

Tailored Solutions: 

Sales and Digital Marketing Support: 

For sales, we introduced Joe, a virtual sales assistant renowned for his cold-calling prowess. After rigorous training on Jesse’s sales scripts and objection handling techniques, Joe adeptly managed the influx of calls, voicemails, and lead qualification with his amiable and consultative style.

On the digital marketing front, Marie, our digital marketing virtual assistant, took charge. With expertise in PPC and social media, Marie devised robust keyword, demographic, and lookalike audience targeting strategies. She meticulously crafted and optimized campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram, along with retargeting ads and YouTube videos, all tailored to resonate with Jesse’s real estate business.

Impressed with their contributions, Jesse exclaimed, “Marie’s marketing materials are top-tier, and Joe’s call conversion rates are exceptional!”

Impactful Outcomes: 

Amplified Real Estate Deals and Lead Generation:

With the support of his stellar virtual assistant team, Jesse witnessed a 30% YoY surge in closed property deals. Marie’s avant-garde digital campaigns amplified lead generation threefold, while Joe’s affable outreach significantly boosted call backs and conversions.

Relieved from the operational hassles, Jesse could channel his energies into high-stakes negotiations, project oversight, and business development. Reflecting on the transformative journey, he shared, “The growth trajectory over the past six months with Joe and Marie has been phenomenal. I’m truly enjoying the core of real estate – striking deals!”

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