Scaling a Staffing Business with a Bilingual Virtual Assistant

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Success Stories

The Goal

Leidy wanted to hire a bilingual Virtual Assistant to take over administrative processes and candidate screening.

In her words: “Having someone handle routine tasks would free me up to focus on sales and accelerate growth.”

Addressing Concerns

As a first-time user of virtual assistants, Leidy worried about payment security and protecting confidential information.

We explained our secure Stripe billing system and rigorous data separation protocols between VAs and clients. This reassured Leidy her data would remain protected.

The Solution

After interviews, Leidy selected Eva, one of our most organized bilingual VAs.

As Leidy remarked: “Eva’s exceptional communication skills and experience with recruitment screening make her a perfect fit.”

We provided training on Leidy’s CRM and processes. Eva quickly took over candidate screening and scheduling. Her bilingual abilities were invaluable for connecting with diverse candidates.

The Results

Within 2 months, Leidy doubled her number of sales calls and meetings booked.

She raved: “I can’t believe how much time I have for business development now with Eva handling the administrative work. She’s been a total game changer!” Leidy was thrilled to finally have the support she needed to scale her company smoothly.


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